Let Us Pamper You at our Spa.

Massage used to be considered a luxury item, but as the health benefits of massage become more well known, many clinics, chiropractors, beauty parlors and even airports are beginning to offer several different types of massage at affordable prices.

At Tribe Salon, we offer stress-relieving, relaxation-inducing massages and other body treatments. Each of these services includes a soothing scalp treatment and foot massage, and utilizes techniques such as pressure point, lymphatic drainage, Swedish, deep tissue, sports massage and energy work. To achieve a calming atmosphere, we use a blend of pure flower and plant essences.

Below is a list of our massage services and a brief summary of each and their relaxing properties:


Caribbean Body Treatment
The Caribbean Body Treatment is as relaxing as its namesake. This rejuvenating and nurturing body treatment uses healing ingredients from the Caribbean to create inner calmness and renew the body and senses.

Treatment for the Caribbean Body Treatment begins with a dry exfoliation followed by a smoothing, detoxifying seaweed mud masque. Next is a comforting body wrap and a scalp and face massage. Last, we wait as you take a refreshing shower, and then proceed to give you a restorative body massage. This island-inspired experience lasts for a total of 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Rosemary Mint Awakening Body Wrap
Renew your mind and body with this stimulating and nurturing dry body wrap. Your senses will be awakened and your skin smoothed and softened with rosemary and peppermint essences. Your body will get back in balance with a foot and scalp massage. This invigorating treatment lasts for 1 hour.

Exfoliating Body Scrub
This rejuvenating scrub begins with a skin-refining treatment that utilizes natural minerals and Dead Sea salts (if you prefer, we can use hydrating body polish instead). A light massage follows, for a result of ultra-conditioned, hydrated, polished skin and deep relaxation. This treatment lasts for 1 hour.

Summer Glow
Tans aren’t just for winter anymore – with this moisturizing self-tanner, you can not only achieve a healthy tan and summer glow year round (and without the sun’s harmful effects), but you can exfoliate your body at the same time. Take this bottle home with you to achieve this radiant look during all four seasons. Each application takes 30 minutes.