Our Goal is to Let Your Beauty Shine.

Hairstyle isn’t something that many individuals tend to stress about, but believe it or not, your hair reflects your personality in much the same way that your clothes, your smile and your mannerisms do. When you neglect your hair, you are communicating a less than positive message about the level of commitment to other areas of your life. When you opt for a hairstyle you feel is “fine as long as it doesn’t make you look terrible,” you are admitting that you’re all right with average, and okay with being “just like everybody else.”

However, when you realize that the right hairstyle can enhance your beauty and personality, you will see how easy and how wonderful it is to stand out as extraordinary in a sea of ordinaries.

At Tribe Salon we believe that everybody is beautiful just as they are – and that it is our job to help that beauty shine. Whether you are looking for a simple cut or an electrifying color, we look forward to helping your beauty pop!

Below is a list of services that we offer in order to make your hair one-of-a-kind and your personality shine:


Blow Dry and Style                                                               $25.00

Hair and Scalp Renewal                                                       $60.00

Haircut for Her                                                         Start at $40.00

Haircut for Him                                                        Start at $30.00


All-Over Color                                                          Start at $60.00

Partial Highlight                                                       Start at $75.00

Full Highlight                                                           Start at $85.00

Perm                                                                         Start at $75.00

Formal Styling:

Up-Do’s                                                                    Start at $55.00

Bridal Up-Do’s                                                         Start at $75.00

Bridal Trial Run                                                                     $55.00