Relax with a Massage and Let Go of the Outside World.

Massage therapy has numerous benefits—aside from just feeling good—and many of them are health related. While I believe that you deserve to be pampered no matter what, some individuals find it hard to splurge on themselves for a treatment they consider a “luxury.” If you feel this way, read on to learn about the health benefits of massage, and why you shouldn’t work so hard to try and talk yourself out of this rejuvenating treatment.

Fight Depression: Massage helps to fight depression and anxiety, and, subsequently, fights accumulating belly fat. A university of Miami study revealed that there is a direct correlation between massage and reduced depression in their patients.

Fight Back Pain: Obviously, massage is the first thing people think of when they’re experiencing back pain, but it isn’t often the first thing they turn to—partially because they think it’s just a temporary solution, and partially because they believe other methods will health them more effectively. Studies show, however, that massage works just as effectively to manage back pain as pain medications, acupuncture and certain exercise regimes.

Beat Insomnia: Do you lay awake at night, tossing and turning, only to fall asleep, it seems, right before your alarm clock goes off? If so, massage can help. Massage appears to fight insomnia by impacting the brain’s delta waves, which are crucial to a good night’s sleep.

Kick a Cold and Fight Chronic Illness: Sick? What better way to heal than through the luxurious powers of massage? Yes, it’s true—massage not only increases your white blood cells to fight off existing conditions, but it boosts your immune system and keeps future sickness at bay.

If you suffer from a chronic illness such as cancer or an autoimmune disorder, massage can significantly help to manage side effects.

PMS: Yes ladies, massage is even great when it comes to alleviating those pesky symptoms such as bloating and mood swings. It might even help a little with the nasty cramps and back pain.

Kiss the Headaches Goodbye: Whether you suffer from tension headaches, TMJ or Migraines, massage can help alleviate the pain some, if not entirely.

Get Beautiful: Of course ever service we offer at Tribe Salon is of the beautifying variety, so it should come as no surprise that massage improves appearance. It increases blood flow, making those beautiful cheeks glow with natural color – alleviates puffy skin – increases moisture in dull skin – and drains away those harmful toxins that make you look blah.

Massage did used to be considered a luxury item – something only for the well off and the elite. However, as the health benefits of massage become more well known, many clinics, chiropractors and beauty parlors are beginning to offer several different types of massage at affordable prices. At Tribe Salon, we want you to just relax and let go of the outside world – if you can get healthier while you’re doing that, then all the better!

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