Trust Us to Create the Look that Fits Your Personality.

Just as your clothes, shoes, workspace, choice of drink, handwriting and nail polish color say a great deal more about you than you’d care to share with strangers, so does your hairstyle. Depending on the cut, color and even the texture, your hairstyle lends tremendous insight into who you are as an individual, a professional and even as a loved one. Read on to see what your hair says about you:

Long Hair: Women with long hair are often categorized as calm, gentle, polite and mysterious. Oftentimes, this do is even associated with obedience. Long hair can also represent a spirit of freedom from conventional expectations – but, most of all, long haired women are said to ooze sex appeal.

Bob: Generally, women with a simple yet cute bob are said to approach life with a no-nonsense attitude. They are straightforward and daring, and they don’t care what others have to say about them. Women with bobs are known to be independent, powerful and determined to succeed.

Pixie Cut: Women with pixie cuts are thought to be modern, fresh, professional and even a bit stylish. They’re brave and daring and confident—traits that typically accompany short hair dos.

Bangs/Fringes: Bangs are naturally flirty, as they draw attention directly to the eyes. Women who wear bangs automatically ooze sex appeal and cuteness at the same time, something that may seem impossible, but isn’t—not with bangs, at least. Bangs tend to indicate a lot of mysticism and passion, as well as curiosity and belief in natural beauty.

Straight Hair: Straight hair indicates high levels of seriousness and sincerity. Women with straight hair are often all business, and they don’t like taking risks. HOWEVER, contradictory to all else, straight-haired beauties also ooze sex appeal.

Curly Hair: Curly hair is an indicator of a fun, open and creative personality. Women with curly hair are often taken less seriously than their straight-haired counterparts and are viewed as carefree and indifferent—which can be frustrating when the women in question are serious, professional, curly-haired beauties. On a lighter note, curly-hared women tend to be more flirtations, and they are more often than not non-conventional. They enjoy twists and turns, and never hold themselves back from going after what they want.

Wavy: Wavy hair indicates high maintenance in a woman, as women who maintain this hairstyle like looking gorgeous at all times. However, wavy-haired women also have a sense of elegance, fun, uniqueness and carefreeness about them to offset their high-maintenance ways. While wavy-haired individuals DO like taking control a lot of times, they CAN let loose—and enjoy it—when the occasion calls for it.

Messy: Messy-haired women are laid-back and carefree. Women with messy hairstyles tend to occupy the creative industry and steer clear of the professional world.

Your hair says a lot about you, and it’s important that is says the right things. At Tribe Salon, you can trust us to create the hairstyle that fits your personality. Visit our hair care section by clicking here to see what we can do for you.