With Your Tribe, You Can Let Your Hair Down and Get Beautiful with Us.

Styling long hair for the work day is easy – just throw your locks back into a ponytail or wrap them into a professional chignon, and VOILA! You’re ready to go! However, styling long hair with personality is not so simple, especially if you want to let your mane flow free.

To make the most of your flowing locks, consider utilizing these simple styling tips before letting your hair loose and hitting the town:

  1. For luxurious hair such as yours, the bargain, off-brand shampoos and products won’t do the trick. No, you need to use proper shampoo and hair care products if you want to achieve the sleek locks of red-carpet status. This goal calls for a hair care series designed specifically to meet the many demands of long hair.
  2. Condition! I cannot stress enough how important it is to condition after every shampoo.
  3. These tips are for you short haired gals (and guys) as well. If you want to grow your hair longer, you should trim the ends regularly. I know this may feel counter productive, but doing so will ultimately keep your hair healthy. Regular trimming also helps to keep split ends at bay.
  4. Unfortunately, long hair tends to be drier than short hair, and requires intensive nourishing treatment at least once a week. This treatment can be found in the form of split end fluids, which seal the sensitive ends and provide more body.
  5. If you want to secure fly-a-ways, hairspray is an old-fashioned yet effective tool – just be sure to spray it from a distance of at least 8 inches from your hair so that your locks remain light and free, and not stiff and immovable.
  6. As a finishing touch, apply high-gloss hairspray. This will give your hair the thick, sleek and flowing look you thought only the stars could achieve.

Now that you’ve achieved a look worthy of the Oscar’s, throw on your best dress, don some heels and let your hair down—it’s time to celebrate!